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Card of the Month - Subscription


Price: $20.00

Card of the Month Club

* The design team at Cardmaking.net aims to make 12 beautifully unique kits a year. 

* All Kits are $20.00 and are invoiced / mailed out postage free on the 1st of each month.

* Every month you will receive a kit containing: 

  - A Colour Photo 

  - Instructions 

  - Enough materials to make 4 complete cards (with a little left over) 

This subscription will start at the month purchase - please notify orders department if you would like to start on another month. 

Cardmaking.net is proud to offer their Card of the Month Members free postage on any orther orders they wish to place to go out with their kit. 

**Please Note: Kits may be delayed if the team is attencing a craft show**